TrueType Font

TrueType is a scalable font technology developed by Apple, Inc. TrueType fonts print at the full resolution offered by the printer. The print driver allows you to select and download TrueType fonts.

To select TrueType fonts:

  1. On the Advanced tab, click Driver.
  2. Click TrueType Font. Select an option:
    • Substitute with Device Font uses the fonts residing in the printer rather than downloading TrueType fonts with the print job. Although this setting permits faster printing, special characters not supported by the printer font do not print.
    • Download as Soft Font downloads all TrueType fonts to the printer with each print job, even if the fonts reside on the printer already. Jobs typically print slower using this setting. However, the downloaded fonts look the same as fonts printed on another printer with this setting.
  3. Click OK.