Create a Time Stamp Watermark

A Time Stamp Watermark uses a time stamp as the watermark. You can create a time stamp watermark to print on a document. Time stamp elements include the day, date, time, and time zone.

To create a time stamp watermark:

  1. Click Document Options > Watermark.
  2. Click Watermark > Custom.
  3. Click the next field, then select Time Stamp.
  4. In the next field, select the time stamp format. The values for the time stamp originate from the settings on your computer.
  5. To format the watermark, click the Font button and specify options, such as font family, style, size, and language script.
  6. To change the font color, click the Color button, then select a color.
  7. To specify the angle of the watermark on the page, click the appropriate button.
  8. To specify the location of the watermark on the page, click the appropriate button.
  9. To adjust the watermark lightness, move the slider to the right to lighten or to the left to darken the colors in your print job.
  10. To preview how a watermark appears on a page, under the preview image, click the Down arrow.
    • Select Color or Black and White. This option is only available on color printers.
    • Select the page orientation.
    • Select the paper size.
  11. Click Watermark > Save As. Type a name for the watermark.
  12. Click OK.