Droplet Size

The Droplet Size feature specifies the amount or volume of ink required for a page. It also specifies how the jets of an inkjet device are used for a particular page. On a page-by-page or job-by-job basis, you can define the volume of ink deposited from a jet nozzle. The volume of ink deposited is measured at a pico-litre level, and the amount is specific to each printer.

To select a droplet size:

  1. Depending on your print driver, do one of the following:
    • Select the Image Options tab.
    • On the Image Options tab, select the Enhancements subtab.
  2. To select a colorant droplet size, from the Droplet Size menu, select an option. The Small, Medium, Large, and Max options use the jet nozzle that is specific to that option to deposit the ink. Larger droplet sizes result in better image quality and smaller droplet sizes provides cost effectiveness.
  3. Click OK.