Earth Smart Settings

Earth Smart settings allow you to reduce environmental pollution while printing by reducing the use of materials and energy. You can select Earth Smart Settings as the default for all of your print jobs.

To select Earth Smart settings:

  1. At the bottom of the Printing Preferences window, click Earth Smart Settings.
  2. To print every job using both sides of the paper, select 2-Sided Print.
  3. To print every job with two reduced-sized pages on each side of the paper, select 2-Up. Select Enable Smart 2-Up as needed.
  4. To use less paper and toner or ink, select Sample Set. Select Enable Smart Sample Set as needed.
  5. To save toner or ink by producing lower-quality images, select Draft Mode.
  6. To remove the button from the driver software so that others cannot change the Earth Smart settings easily, select Hide Earth Smart Button.

    For additional information about conserving resources, click Want to know more?

  7. Click OK.