Rotate Image 180

Rotate Image 180 adjusts the image so that the top edge becomes the bottom edge. The orientation can be portrait or landscape.

Rotate Image 180 Degrees

To select Rotate Image 180:

  1. On the Advanced tab, in Rotate Image 180, click Setup.
  2. Select an option:
    • Intelligent 180 Degree Rotation (Recommended) allows the printer to rotate images 180 degrees automatically. The printer considers paper sizes, orientation, paper feed direction, and selected finishing options when it rotates the images.
    • Subsequent 180 Degree Rotation allows you to apply rotations to specific paper sizes and orientations. Select Subsequent 180 Degree Rotation in addition to or in place of Intelligent 180 Degree Rotation in the event it does not produce the desired result.
  3. Click OK.