PostScript Output Option

PostScript Output options allow you to control how the printer processes PostScript files.

To set PostScript Output options:

  1. On the Advanced tab, click Driver.
  2. Click PostScript Output Option. Select an option:
    • Optimize for Speed creates a PostScript output that is optimized for fast printing. Select this setting when print processing speed is more important than file portability. This setting limits the full use of some network print spooler features.
    • Optimize for Portability creates an output file that conforms to the Adobe Document Structuring Conventions (ADSC). Each PostScript page is independent of all other pages in a document. These self-contained pages print successfully on network spooler-based printers, as well as on remote printers. Select this setting if you intend to print to a sophisticated spooler or when file portability is more important than print processing speed.
    • Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) produces a single-page .eps file to insert as an image in a document in a different application. The contents of the page can include any combination of text, graphics, and images. Create EPS files in the application for best results. If this method is not possible, select Encapsulated PostScript in the print driver to create EPS files. Driver-created EPS files do not include onscreen preview images. An image appears as a blank space, black box, or as a crossed out box placeholder for the image when previewed. However, images appear as expected when printed.
  3. Click OK.