Edit Inserts

Use the Edit Inserts window to modify existing inserts for your print job.

To edit an insert:

  1. On the Special Pages tab, in the summary table, select the insert to edit.
  2. Click Edit Edit button.
  3. If desired, change the insert option:
    • After Page(s) places an insert after the pages you specify.
    • Before Page 1 places an insert before page 1.
  4. To change the insert quantity, in the Insert Quantity field, type the number of sheets to insert.
  5. To change the insert location, type the page number or range that precedes the insert into the Page(s) field.
  6. The Paper summary shows the selected paper attributes. Click the arrow to the right of the summary to select the size, color, type, or Use Job Setting.
  7. Click OK.

    Selections appear in the Special Pages summary table.

  8. Click OK or Apply.