Booklet Adjustments

You can adjust booklet settings, such as the paper size, margins, and more.

  1. Click Document Options > Page Layout > Booklet Layout.
  2. Select an option:
    • Imposition Source determines if the driver or the application determines the booklet settings.
    • Booklet Paper Size selects the paper size:
      • Use Job Setting uses the paper size set in the application.
      • Manual allows you to select a paper size from the next list.
    • Booklet Margins selects preferences for margin sizes:
      • Standard reduces the page image size to print the document as a booklet on a standard paper size without image loss. If your printer cannot print to the edge of the paper, select Standard.
      • None: This option prints the document as a booklet without reducing the size of the page images. This option can cut off the image if the printer is unable to print to the paper edge.
    • Gutter specifies the width of the center margin, in points, between the page images. Type or use the arrows to select the number of points. A point is 1/72 in. or 0.35 mm.
    • Creep specifies how much to shift the page images outward (in 10ths of a point). Type or use the arrows to select how much to shift the page images.
    • Reading Order determines if the reading order is left to right or right to left.
  3. Click OK.