Paper Size

Use Paper Size to select a paper size that is different from the size listed in the paper summary.

To select a paper size:

  1. On the Printing Options tab, from the Paper list, select Other Size.
  2. Select an option.
    • To select a different paper size from the paper size set in the application, select Fit to New Paper Size.
    • If the paper size selected in the application does not appear in the print driver, select Change Document Size. Select the correct paper size.
  3. To select a scaling option for the paper size, select Advanced Paper Size.
  4. From the Output Paper Size list, select a size option or Mixed Size Output.
  5. Select a scaling option if the selected Original Document Size differs from the selected Output Paper Size.
  6. If not already set, from the Original Document Size list, select a size option or Mixed Size Originals.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Make other selections for the print job as needed.
  9. Click Apply, then select another tab, or click OK.
  10. To send the job to the printer, in the Print window, select the number of copies to print, then click OK or Print.