Job ID

Job ID prints your job details on a Banner Page or in the margins of your document. Settings made here are in effect for all print jobs unless overridden by Earth Smart Settings.

To select a Job ID:

  1. On the Advanced tab, click Job ID.
  2. Select an option:
    • Disable Job ID: Prevents any job identification information from printing.
    • Print ID on a Banner Page prints the job identification on a separate banner page.
    • Print ID in Margins - First Page Only: Prints the job identification on the first page of the document in the top-left margin.
    • Print ID in Margins - All Pages: Prints the job identification in the top-left margin on every page of the document.
    • Custom Banner Page allows you to add custom information to the Job ID. To add the information, click Setup.
    • Use Leading Pages allows you to enter the number of pages that include a Job ID. The page count starts at the first printed page.
  3. Click OK.