Named Paper Preferences

Named Paper is a set of paper characteristics that have been named and saved for reuse. Use this option to select your Named Paper preferences.

To select Named Paper preferences:

  1. On the Advanced tab, click Preferences.
  2. Click Named Paper > Preferences.
  3. In Default List, select the list to appear first under the Printing Options tab:
    • Printer Paper List allows you to select paper from a list that is loaded on the printer.
    • My Paper List allows you to set up and select from a personalized list of named papers for your print job. Since this list is associated with your user name, it is available to you from other production printers on your Xerox┬« printer.
  4. In Table Columns, to display a column in the table, select the check box for that column.
  5. In My Paper List Options, select to display paper options that your printer does not support.
  6. Click OK.