Halftone is a printing method in which the relative darkness, density, and size of tiny dots are varied to show changes in color and brightness. The amount of detail shown by a halftone depends upon the number of dots per inch, and the more dots per inch, the more detail in the print. A halftone is sometimes called a screen.

To select Halftone options:

  1. On the Advanced tab, click Driver.
  2. Click Halftones. Select an option:
    • Allow Software to Manage Halftones lets you adjust the halftone dot pattern in the application. Use this setting to simulate conditions such as those found when using a low-resolution printing press. This setting uses the PostScript driver halftones, the printer application halftones, or both, when downloading halftones to the printer with the print job.
    • Allow Printer to Manage Halftones uses the halftone dot patterns stored in the printer.
  3. Click OK.