Job Type

Job Type controls how a job prints. You can require a passcode for print jobs or store a document at the printer.
  1. Click Print Settings > Printing Options > Job Type.
  2. From the Job Type list, select an option.
    • To print your job immediately, use Normal Print.
    • To print sensitive or confidential information, use Secure Print.
    • To print one copy of a multiple-copy job for checking before printing the entire job, use Proof Print.
    • To store a document in the printer, then print it from the control panel, use Personal Print.
    • To print one copy of a multiple-copy print job before printing the remaining copies, use Sample Set.
    • To store jobs on the printer hard drive for future use, use Saved Job.
    • To print stored private and public jobs with the current print job, use Print With. For example, print a cover letter with a set of saved documents such as brochures or price lists.
    • To print a job at a specific time, use Delay Print. For example, if you have a large print job, you can set the job to print after business hours.