Fax Presets

A preset is a group of previously defined and saved fax settings.

To use a preset option:

  1. Select fax settings as needed.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Presets.

    The list of available fax presets appears.

  3. To use an existing fax preset, click the preset option in the list.

    The preset settings are loaded into the driver.

  4. To create a new preset or manage existing presets, select an option.
    • Save As: This option allows you to save the selected fax options as a preset. Select the fax settings required, then click Save As and enter preset details.
      • To enter the preset name, type the name in the text box.
      • To choose an icon for the preset, click Personalize, then select an image. To add a description for the preset, type a description in the text box. Click OK.
      • To enable the preset as 1-Touch, select the 1-Touch Preset check box.
      • To share the preset in all print drivers, select the Show the Preset in All Drivers check box.
      • To save the new preset, click Save.
    • Manage: This option allows you to edit, re-order or delete presets.
    • Reset: This option resets the settings to default values.