Saved Job

Saved jobs are documents sent to the printer and stored there for future use. You can save jobs in Public or Private folders. If you use a Private folder, a passcode is required to access and print your job.

  1. Click Print Settings > Printing Options > Job Type.
  2. From the Job Type list, select Saved Job.
  3. In the Saved Job window, for Job Name, do one of the following:
    • Type a name for the job.
    • Click the arrow to the right of the field. From the list, select the job name.
    • Click the arrow to the right of the field. To use the name of the document, select Use Document Name.
  4. For Save To or Folder Number, specify where to save the file on the printer. Do one of the following:
    • Type the name of the destination folder.
    • Click the arrow, then select a folder from the list.
    • Click the arrow, then select Default Public Folder.
  5. To print the job now and save the job, select the Print and Save check box.
  6. Choose an option for storing the job:
    • For non-secure jobs, select Public.
    • For secure jobs, select Private, then enter a passcode. In the Confirm Passcode field, type the passcode again. To view the passcode, click and hold the Reveal button.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Make other selections for the print job as needed, then click OK or Print.
  9. The job is saved on the printer hard drive. Use the printer control panel to navigate to the job to print. For details, refer to the User Guide for your printer.

    If you selected Print and Save, a copy of the saved job is printed.