RGB Color

Use this option to apply RGB (red, green, blue) color settings.

  1. Click Custom Color > RGB Color.
  2. Select an option.
    • Automatic Color: This option applies the best color correction to text, graphics, and images. Xerox recommends this setting.
    • LCD Display: This option approximates the print job colors to the colors of the computer monitor display screen.
    • sRGB Display: This option causes the printer to emulate the colors of a calibrated RGB display, such as a CRT or high-end tuned LCD display screen.
    • Vivid RGB: This option produces brighter and more saturated colors using red, green, and blue colors.
    • Black and White: This option converts all colors to grayscale, producing a black and white version of a document.
    • None: This option provides no color correction.
  3. Click OK.