The 1-Touch Presets allow you to select previously defined fax and print presets that are marked as a 1-Touch Preset. The presets include the default Xerox options and the options that you define. When you select a 1-Touch Preset button, it enables the settings and closes the Printer Preferences window.

To use the preloaded 1-Touch options:

Click 1-Touch, then select an option.
  • Quick Print: Prints using your default printer preferences.
  • Earth Smart Printing: Prints using Earth Smart settings.
  • 1 Staple, 2-Sided: Prints on both sides of the paper using the current stapling setting.
  • Toner Saver: Prints in draft Print Quality.
  • 2-Up, 2-Sided: Prints two reduced-size pages on each side of the paper.
  • Booklet Layout: Prints your document as a booklet.
  • Draft Watermark: Prints a draft watermark on all pages of your document.
  • Quick Fax: Sends a fax using your default fax preferences.

The settings are enabled, and the Printer Preferences window closes.