Finishing options allow you to select how your printed document is delivered. For example, you can select hole punching, stapling, folding, or printing in a booklet format.
  1. Click Print Settings > Printing Options > Finishing.
  2. To print using stapling, from the Finishing list, select a stapling option.
  3. To print using hole punch, from the Finishing list, select a hole punch option.
  4. To print using coil punch, from the Finishing list, select Coil Punch.
  5. To print using folding, from the Finishing list, select Folding.
  6. To select finishing options from a single window, select Multiple Finishing. Select stapling, hole punching, or folding options.
  7. To print and bind a paperback book, use Perfect Binding.
  8. If a finishing device with booklet maker is installed, to format your document to print as a booklet, use Booklet Creation.
  9. To create pads of single sheet forms with a glued binding on the top edge, use Pad Creation.
  10. To connect to a Document Finishing Architecture (DFA) Finisher Profile that is set up on the printer, use DFA Finisher Profile.
  11. Click OK.