CIE Color

The Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (CIE) is the primary international professional organization devoted to the exchange of information relating to color science, light, lighting, and image technology.

To use CIE Color:

  1. Click Custom Color > CIE Color.
  2. Select an option.
    • Automatic Color: This option applies the best color correction to text, graphics, and images. Xerox recommends this setting.
    • Perceptual: This option provides the best mapping for photographic images. It is a balanced mapping that includes subjective adjustments for memory colors.
    • Colorimetric: This option attempts an exact color match. This mode mimics controlled lighting conditions.
    • Saturation: This option adjusts the color strength and the amount of gray in the color.
  3. To apply embedded profiles to CIE Color, select an option.
    • Always Apply Embedded Profiles: This option instructs the printer to use the embedded profiles of the document at the risk of applying non-standard color schemes. Using embedded profiles can degrade print quality. In cases when the data is unusual, as with lab data, using the proprietary color schemes in the embedded profile provides the best print quality.
    • Never Apply Embedded Profiles: This option prevents the printer from using the embedded profiles of a document, which reduces the risk of using non-standard color schemes.
  4. Click OK.