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The support team produces the documents in this library based on experiences with customers. The documents cover topics not addressed in other Xerox customer materials. Please check this page regularly for new or updated information.


Date Document Title
Documents are available in printable (PDF) format.
10/06/2015 Install/Uninstall Xerox® Print Drivers & Apps Best Practices for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10
07/07/2015 Device Compatibility Pack Updates
08/13/2014 Xerox Print Drivers Best Practices for Windows Server 2012 R2
01/20/2014 Helpful Hints for Printing in Citrix® Using Xerox® Print Drivers
06/02/2011 Driver Support for Terminal Services and Citrix Environments
4/29/2010 Xerox Device Compliance with MEDITECH Solutions
3/19/2010 Xerox Global Print Driver Compatibility List
1/29/2010 Installing and Uninstalling Windows 7 Xerox Print Drivers
11/13/2009 Upgrading and Uninstalling the Xerox Global Print Driver
6/10/2009 PDL Reference Guide for the WorkCentre 7425/7428/7435
2/16/2009 Uninstalling Windows 2000/2003/XP Printer Drivers
12/08/2008 Installing and Uninstalling Xerox Print Drivers on a Windows 2003 Cluster Server
10/23/2008 PDL Reference Guide for the WorkCentre 5222/5225/5230
10/08/2008 Preconfiguring the Xerox User Interface Version 4.x Print Drivers
05/06/2008 AS400 Raw TCP/IP Printing to Port 9100
02/20/2008 Preconfiguring the Xerox User Interface Print Drivers
12/18/2007 PDL Reference Guide for the WorkCentre 7328/7335/7345 & WorkCentre 7232/7242
12/13/2007 Vista Client Point and Print Authentication During Driver Install or Upgrade
12/13/2007 Failure to Print Due to pscript5.dll Conflict
10/30/2007 PDL Reference Guide for the Xerox WorkCentre/WorkCentre Pro Series
7/18/2007 PDL Reference Guide for the WorkCentre 4150
7/17/2007 PDL Reference Guide for the WorkCentre 7328/7335/7345
3/27/2007 PDL Reference Guide for the WorkCentre 7132
12/13/2006 PDL Reference Guide for the WorkCentre 7228/7235/7245
10/20/2006 Enabling Booklet and Fold in the WC 7228/7235/7245 PS Print Driver
9/18/2006 Mac OS X version 10.4.x PPD/Plug-ins Installation and Printer Setup
8/4/2006 IPSec Client Configuration Using Pre-Shared Keys in Windows Environments
8/01/2006 WorkCentre/ WorkCentre Pro Options for Printing Raw TCP/IP
6/16/2006 Xerox Walkup Print Driver
5/19/2006 Mac OS X Version 10.2.x PPD Installation and Print Center Setup
5/19/2006 Mac OS X Version 10.3.x PPD/Plugin Installation and Printer Setup
1/23/2006 How to Access AS/400 WSCO and an Alternative for IPDS Printing
11/04/2005 PDL Reference Guide for WorkCentre M128/M123
5/23/2005 Modifying the AIX Queue for 11x17 Output
2/25/2005 Solaris XPXX Driver Principles of Operation
1/25/2005 AIX PCL Printing
12/10/2004 Controlling Color Usage with Xerox User Interface Print Drivers
11/17/2004 Using a Model File for a SCO Remote Print Queue
10/13/2004 Solaris LP Command Line Printing
8/31/2004 AS400 Tray Selection
7/30/2004 HPUX LP Command Line Printing
5/07/2004 Options for Managing Color Using the WCP 32/40 Color PS Drivers
4/27/2004 HP JetDirect Server Setup
3/22/2004 VTAM Printer Support (OS/390 Mainframe) Configuration for Xerox MFDs
3/22/2004 Creating Print Ready Files
3/22/2004 IRIX/SGI Print Queue Filtering to Fix Stairstep-Text
3/22/2004 Sharing Print Configuration Settings to Windows 9x Workstations
3/09/2004 VMS/Open VMS Printing to Port 9100
3/09/2004 Formatting Condensed Print for a Xerox Multifunction Device
3/09/2004 Printing from VMS/Open VMS
3/05/2004 Upgrade Procedure for NT Enhanced Interface Drivers
2/20/2004 Terminal Services Overview
2/12/2004 Availability of XUI Drivers for DC 4xx Products
12/19/2003 Xerox WorkCentre Pro 32/40, 35/45/55 and 65/75/90 Macintosh Driver Info
12/5/2003 BSD vs. Systems V Printing
12/5/2003 HPUX Print Queue Filter to Fix Stairstep-text
12/5/2003 Windows 2000 Spooler Issues
12/3/2003 Enabling WP 7 & 8's Collate and Staple Features in Win 95/98 and NT/2000/XP
12/3/2003 Windows NT Jobs Pause When Printing via LPR & a Xerox Multifunction Device
11/20/2003 Adding a CentreWare Driver to the NDPS Broker
11/20/2003 Uninstalling Windows NT 4.0 and 2000/XP Printer Drivers
11/6/2003 Basic Solaris Print Queue Configuration
11/6/2003 Basic HPUX Print Queue Configuration
11/6/2003 Basic SCO Print Queue Configuration
11/6/2003 Xerox DC 555/545/535 Macintosh Driver Information
10/28/2003 Installing a MFD Windows 2000 Print Driver Under a Windows NT Print Queue
10/15/2003 DC 332/340 Copy Output is Upside Down
10/15/2003 Printing with AutoCAD for Windows
10/15/2003 PDL Reference Guide for the DC 340/332/230/220 and DC 440/432/425/420 ST/LP
9/30/2003 Printing to a Xerox Multifunction Device Using Port 9100
9/30/2003 Supplying Source Files for Macintosh SPAR Investigation
9/22/2003 Inserting PCL Commands into an ASCII Print Job
8/29/2003 Preventing the PS Separator Page from Stapling to a Print Job
8/29/2003 Windows Environment Installation of an Adobe PS Driver Using a MFD PPD
7/25/2003 Installing MFD Drivers Using Novell ZENworks
7/25/2003 Holding a Print Job in the Print Queue
7/25/2003 Printing via AppleShare IP Print Queue with Macintosh and Windows Clients
7/25/2003 Macintosh Printing and Xerox Multifunction Devices
7/25/2003 Using Remote OUTQ to Print to a Xerox MFD in an AS/400 Environment
7/10/2003 Creating a Macintosh PostScript Print Ready File
6/27/2003 Resolving SPOOL32 Errors in Windows 95/98/ME
3/24/2003 Installing and Using the Xerox TCP/IP Port Monitor
2/28/2003 Document Centre Macintosh Driver Xjector Functionality
2/28/2003 Xerox/Adobe Macintosh Drivers Installation Issues
11/22/2002 Supported Installation and Upgrade Methods for DC Windows Print Drivers
10/18/2002 Resolving Intermittently Deleted LPD Print Jobs
10/17/2002 Formatting Condensed Print for a Document Centre
10/11/2002 Document Centre and Dazel Printing
9/27/2002 Print ASCII Line Drawing Characters
9/20/2002 Xerox DC 340/332/230/220 and the 440/432/425/420 Macintosh Driver Info
9/20/2002 PDL Reference Guide for the DC 555/545/535
9/06/2002 Upgrading Document Centre Printer Drivers in a Windows Environment
9/3/2002 PDL Reference Guide for the DC 240/255/265 ST/LP and DC 490/480/470/460
8/29/2002 Printing from Oracle Reports
8/12/2002 PostScript 3 Compatibility with the Document Centre
8/12/2002 Preconfiguring Default Settings in PCL Standard Drivers
6/3/2002 Preconfiguring Printer Default Settings in Win 9x and NT Enhanced Drivers
3/29/2002 Changing Default Settings in Standard DC PostScript Print Drivers
7/23/2001 PDL Reference Guide for the DCCS 50
9/25/2000 Pagination Issues with Xerox Document Centre Windows Drivers
8/28/2000 Enabling Win 2000 CW TIFF Submissions Tool to Print w/ DC 490/480/470/460
6/12/2000 Xerox DC 265/255/240 and 490/480/470/460 Macintosh Driver Information
2/22/2000 DCPR Advanced Administration
12/30/1999 Using ZENworks to Upgrade CentreWare Drivers from 3.2 to 4.1SP2