Phaser 740

Phaser® 740: Replacing the fuser roll and cleaning pad
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  1. Open the front door. Wait at least 10 minutes for the fuser to cool.
  2. Unlock the fuser by turning the blue thumbscrews counterclockwise. Using the blue handle, pull out the fuser until it stops.
  3. Press the blue tab to release the safety catch and slide the fuser out until you can place your hand under it for support.
  4. Remove the fuser. Push out on the two blue tabs holding the fuser roll to release it.
  5. Lift out the fuser roll and discard it. Pull the used cleaning pad out of the fuser and discard it.
  6. Place the new fuser roll into the fuser. Press down firmly on the fuser roll to make sure both ends snap into place.
  7. Place the new cleaning pad into the fuser
  8. Slide the fuser into the printer, and tighten the blue thumbscrew. Close the front door.


  • Remember that the fuser is heavy and may be hot.
  • For proper operation, the oiled cloth on the fuser roll must be tight; do not touch it.
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