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Xerox offers a broad range of products, programs, supplies and services to our valued federal government customers.

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Reliability & Productivity

Our printers and MFPs are engineered for robust use, incorporating several ease-of-use features and design elements such as auto-power sensing and print-around, to keep your print jobs flowing smoothly. Built-in alerts and device management tools help you centralize and easily manage one or more devices

Centralize and simplify device management, monitoring and settings
Anticipate problems, reduce downtime and minimize calls to the help desk with CentreWare Web, a free web browser-based tool that enables you to manage all printers and MFPs regardless of manufacturer.

Streamline complex tasks at the MFP's user interface
The Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) is a software platform upon which developers can use standard web-based tools to create server-based applications that can be configured for the MFP's touch-screen user interface.

Take your printer anywhere in the world
The Xerox Solid Ink line of printers and MFPs incorporate dual voltage, auto power sensing enabling one device to support either 110v or 220v electricity and switch between the two without user intervention. Great for remote and overseas deployment, no fuser to blow by plugging it into the wrong power supply.

Environment & Sustainability

ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment, power-down and sleep-mode features, recycling programs for ink and equipment, and cartridge-free technologies that help reduce waste by up to 90% are just a few of the ways we can help you adopt environmentally friendly practices without incurring extra costs.

Learn about Xerox's sustainability program
Learn how Xerox commitments, standards, programs and product designs can help you meet your environmental and sustainability goals.

Choose products and programs that help you meet your Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) goals
Xerox's eco label products provide environmental benefits without compromising performance, quality or reliability. And, since 1991, our remanufacturing and recycling programs have diverted over 2 billion pounds of waste from landfills.


We work to develop solutions that meet the most stringent standards for network and information security. Most of our printers and MFPs incorporate iron-clad security features including Secure Print, Network Authentication, and automatic removal of unprinted jobs that allow you to restrict access, track usage and protect confidential data flowing through Xerox systems during your day-to-day operations.

Learn how Xerox security features and technologies can help you
Learn about product, document and information security issues, technologies and product features as outlined in the Xerox security model.

Ensure security on your network
Learn the five areas where documents generated by MFPs are most at risk and the security functions and features in Xerox MFPs that can help you mitigate those risks.
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Government Solutions Guide
Learn about the Xerox products and solutions that are helping government agencies work more productively and securely.

New, Quick Set up CAC Authentication
Common Access Card (CAC) authentication is now available for the award-winning† WorkCentre® 4250/4260 multifunction printer. Its unique cloning feature reduces setup time and the potential for mistakes. Set up once and clone each additional MFP.

Why consider Xerox EA (Emulsion Aggregation) Toner technology-based printers & MFPs?
Why consider Xerox EA (Emulsion Aggregation) Toner
  • Sharper image quality
  • Reduced toner consumption
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Higher reliability

Why consider Solid Ink technology-based printers & MFPs?
Why consider Solid Ink technology-based printers & MFPs?
  • Cartridge-free & minimal packaging
  • Toxin free ink sticks cannot spill, leak or smudge
  • Vibrant print quality even on recycled paper
  • Dual voltage, auto power sensing (110v/220v)