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Oavsett vilken Xerox-multifunktionsskrivare (MFP)/All-in-One-skrivare du väljer får du lättanvända gränssnitt, tillförlitlig pappershantering, avancerade säkerhetsfunktioner och sofistikerade verktyg för kostnadsstyrning. Förvandla din MFP till en smart arbetsenhet med WiFi-anslutning, mobila utskrifter, pekskärmar som påminner om surfplattor och molnanslutna appar.

Save Space, Time and Money with Multifunction Printers

Tired of having to run from one machine to another to complete a task? With a multifunction printer in your office you can eliminate the need for multiple machines and increase productivity. Print, scan, fax and copy all from one powerful machine. Our line of multifunction printers come with varying capabilities, such as:

  • Smart Technology. ConnectKey® Technology turns your multifunction laser printer into a smart workplace assistant with WiFi connectivity for mobile printing, tablet-like touchscreens and cloud-connected apps. Worried about sharing information over the cloud? Multifunction printers with ConnectKey® Technology are designed to protect your data and information with top security features. Send and access information securely from a mobile device.
  • Color or Monochrome. Whether you need to print documents in color or want crisp black-and-white text, receive high-quality documents you can rely on with a multifunction printer. Multifunction printers deliver text, photos and graphics, with polished and professional results.
  • Paper Size. Go big or go small, whatever your paper demands are we have a multifunction printer model that is right for your office. Choose from legal and letter paper output or models capable of producing tabloid sizes for your larger files.
  • Production. Select from our range of multifunction printers to find the perfect solution for your print demands. Some of our laser multifunction printer models can produce 150k pages per month without sacrificing quality.

In need of a print-only printer? Shop from our collection of office laser printers.

Återkommande erbjudande om service på plats

VersaLink C605

Xerox® ConnectKey®-aktiverad smart arbetsassistent
  • Färg-MFP med stöd för A4
  • Kopiera, skriv ut, skanna, faxa och skicka e-post
  • Bäst för arbetsgrupper på 10 till 20 användare
  • Den nya definitionen av enastående prestanda, oslagbar driftsäkerhet och överlägsen utskriftskvalitet
  • Molnansluten, mobilklar, appaktiverad och enkel att anpassa
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Upp till
24.502 kr
Uppskattat försäljningspris
Xerox® ConnectKey®-aktiverad smart arbetsassistent
24.502 kr
Uppskattat försäljningspris

Pricing Details

*Prices do not include any supplies, additional print charges or applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice. Products are available to business customers; subject to applicable terms and conditions. Xerox equipment and accessories have been produced in a factory from new parts and from reprocessed parts which meet the performance standards of new parts.