Control Systems Copitrak System

The Copitrak System provides firms with total cost management. From tracking copy, print, scan and fax to other cost centers, the Copitrak System is a complete cost management solution.

Key Features

  • Track and control copy, print, scan and fax from all MFP devices (both Xerox and non-Xerox)
  • Touch screen terminals present features to users in a graphic rich user friendly interface
  • Biometric access: Industry's first biometric (fingerprint) login at copier/MFP devices
  • Advanced print tracking solution that captures and bills back all printing and optimizes print resources
  • Total cost control and recovery solutions that allow firms and organizations to control and bill back or budget all costs
  • Accounting integration solutions that tightly integrate with a firm's accounting software
  • Job management system includes advanced solutions for job management in the copy/print shop as well as at the desktop
Professional firms and organizations struggle to try and manage all types of cost. The Copitrak solution goes beyond tracking just copy, print, and scan to give organizations total cost management.

Key Challenges

  • Reduce or stop usage abuse of equipment
  • Understand current usage trends and predict future trends to make more informed decisions
  • Understand equipment usage such as which devices are used the most and which are used the least
  • Accurately report budget expenditures
  • Allocate expenses to departments
  • Reduce costs through efficient asset management
  • Maximize the value of existing devices
  • Eliminate administrative burden for charge backs
  • Improve user productivity
The Copitrak System allows firms to increase revenue and minimize costs with comprehensive cost recovery and management tools.
  • Increase revenue: The Copitrak System allows firms that actively bill back costs to maximize revenue
  • Minimize and manage costs: The Copitrak System helps reduce costs by allowing organizations to control, budget and monitor printer and multifunction usage
  • Maximize assets by allowing firms to actively direct jobs to more efficient and less costly print or copy devices
  • Improve productivity with features and tools designed to minimize the impact cost accounting has on users

Why Choose Xerox?

  • One stop shop: Xerox representatives are able to provide a comprehensive cost accounting solution from Control Systems as part of a bundled solution
  • Peace of mind: With extensive testing and certification, customers can be assured they are receiving a solution which is 100% compatible.

Xerox award-winning copiers, printers, and multifunction printers include flexible platforms that accommodate a wide variety of software solutions. Software functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.

Multifunction / All-in-One Printers

Office Printers Copiers Digital Presses

  • Compatible with all Windows Desktop OS levels including Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Compatible with all network operating systems including Windows 2000 Server/2003 Server, Netware
  • Compatible with all applications including all versions of Microsoft Office, all Adobe products including Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark Express. All versions of AutoCad and Microstation.
  • Compatible with Mac and Unix printing through Xerox Network Accounting module