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Templates to Increase Productivity in Your Office

Take advantage of free business templates that help you communicate the advantages of your organization. The small business resource center provides a quick, cost-effective way to give your business a professional edge.
Detailed directions for using templates.
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Download Free Business Templates
Custom Calendars from Xerox for your small businessCalendars, Planners & To Do Lists
Stay on schedule while adding a bit of beauty to your office walls with professionally designed calendars from Xerox for your small business.
Marketing Templates, Xerox solutions for your small businessSales and Marketing
Business-class flyers: Marketing brochures, newsletters and coupons: Social Media Metrics:
Card and Postcard templates, Xerox Solutions for your small businessCards & Postcards
Whether you need to send business-appropriate greeting cards to clients and co-workers, or notify customers of special events, our small business templates eliminate the guesswork from creating and printing perfect cards every time.
Microsoft® PowerPoint® Templates, Xerox solutions for your small businessPresentations
Make sure your slides are as polished and dynamic as the presentation itself with these convenient templates.
Public Relations templates from Xerox for your small businessPublic Relations
Do you need to get the word out about a new product, service, program or promotion? Structure your announcement with these basic PR templates from the small business resource center.
Corporate Identity templates from Xerox for your small businessCorporate Identity
The look and feel of your corporate identity speak volumes about your organization's professionalism. Carry consistent branding across business cards, letterhead, envelopes and more with these customizable options available from the small business resource center.
Office Administration templates from Xerox for your small businessOffice Administration
Keep your office organized and efficient with easy templates that add a spot of color to your workday.
Signs & Certificates from Xerox for your small businessSigns & Certificates
Recognize colleagues, coworkers and special Microsoft® PowerPoint® Templates with big banners, small signs and snazzy certificates.
Education templates from Xerox for your small businessEducation
Use these colorful templates for everything you need in the classroom, as well as signs for school bulletin boards, programs for special events and communications to students and their families.
Healthcare collateral templates from Xerox for your small businessHealthcare
Ideal for hospitals, doctors’ offices, waiting rooms and patient mailings, these healthcare-related templates will come in handy for a variety of applications.

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