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Impressoras de Escritório

Nós inventámos a impressão de escritório há mais de 75 anos e as nossas impressoras de escritório e impressoras multifuncionais a preto e branco e a cores, têm conquistado desde então prémios e elogios do setor. Funções inovadoras - como a impressão móvel, a conetividade sem fios e uma segurança superior — asseguram que está sempre atualizado com a tecnologia mais recente das nossas impressoras de escritório.

Laser Printers: Functions, Benefits and Features

Busy offices need the speed and capabilities of our laser printers. Whether you want to print in color or black-and-white, you’ll get high-quality documents without sacrificing efficiency. Our printers are equipped with a variety of features to fit the needs of any office.

  • Multifunction. Fax, email, copy and print from one machine when you incorporate a laser printer with multiple functions. Our multifunction laser printers allow you to save space, time and money by eliminating the need and maintenance of numerous machines. Streamline your workflow with a multifunction laser printer and increase productivity. Only interested in a multifunction machine? Shop exclusively from our collection of multifunction laser printers.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi. Go cable-free with Wi-Fi compatible laser printers. Reduce crowding around power outlets and save energy when you print via a wireless network. Easily connect multiple users with a laser printer that features built-in Wi-Fi. Only interested in a wireless option? Shop from our collection of wireless printers.
  • Color Printing. Lasers are precise and reliably deliver colorful prints in fine detail. Get vibrant images and graphics with quality you can depend on every time.
  • Black-and-White Printing. Only need to print in black-and-white? Our black-and-white laser printers deliver crisp text using toner. Toner lasts longer and is applied in a way that reduces smudging, so you get clean documents every time.
  • Smart Technology. Xerox ConnectKey® Technology allows you to securely access cloud-based data for convenient printing and processes from virtually anywhere via your mobile device or desktop.

Whether your office needs crisp black-and-white prints or high-quality color printing, our collection of office laser printers offer multifunction capabilities and smart technology to increase productivity and create efficiencies.

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VersaLink C9000

Assistente do local de trabalho inteligente com tecnologia Xerox® ConnectKey®
  • Imprimante couleur compatible avec le format A3 et les bannières
  • Idéale pour les graphistes et les professionnels de la couleur qui exigent des tirages couleurs irréprochables
  • Contrôle inégalé de la couleur avec fonctionnalités avancées de la gestion des couleurs
  • Impression mobile, applications pré-chargées et de multiples options de finition
Dimensão do Papel
30Kpáginas / mês
Assistente do local de trabalho inteligente com tecnologia Xerox® ConnectKey®