Elatec Twn3 Multi125 RFID Card Reader Wh

Elatec Twn3 Multi125 RFID Card Reader Wh til Xerox D136
Purchase Elatec Twn3 Multi125 RFID Card Reader Wh 497N04036 for Xerox D136 and expand workflow options for your Xerox equipment.

Kompatible produkterXerox® D136,
ColorQube™ 9301/9302/9303,
WorkCentre® 7200i-serien,
VersaLink® B405,
WorkCentre 5900i-serien,
VersaLink B7000-serien,
WorkCentre 5945/5955,
WorkCentre 4265,
WorkCentre 7800i-serien,
AltaLink® C8000-serien,
VersaLink C505,
WorkCentre™ 7220/7225,
Xerox® Colour C60/C70,
VersaLink B605/B615,
WorkCentre 3655,
WorkCentre 7800-serien,
WorkCentre 6605,
WorkCentre 7970i,
Phaser® 3330,
WorkCentre 3300-serien,
VersaLink C7000-serien,
VersaLink C605,
WorkCentre 5300-serien,
Xerox D95A/D110/D125,
VersaLink C7000,
WorkCentre 7970,
ColorQube 8900,
WorkCentre 3655i,
WorkCentre 6655,
WorkCentre 5800-serien,
WorkCentre 3615,
VersaLink C405,
WorkCentre 6655i,
AltaLink B8000-serien,
WorkCentre 3315/3325,
WorkCentre 5800i-serien

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