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Xerox 008R12941

Stacker Staples Pack, 3 Cartridges x 5,000 Staples Each, Phaser 7760
Engineered specifically for unparalleled performance and simple replacement, our staple pack contains three cartridges for your convenience, ensuring professional finished quality documents any time you need them. These staples may be used in both the Professional Finisher and Advanced Finisher for the Phaser 7760 printer.

Produtos compatíveisWorkCentre® 5845/5855,
Phaser® 4622,
Impressora Xerox® Versant® 3100,
ColorQube™ 9201/9202/9203,
VersaLink® C500,
VersaLink® série C7000,
WorkCentre™ 5765/5775/5790,
VersaLink B605/B615,
ColorQube 9301/9302/9303,
WorkCentre 4250,
VersaLink C605,
WorkCentre série 5900i,
VersaLink série B7000,
WorkCentre série 5700,
WorkCentre série 5300,
WorkCentre série 7500,
Versant 180,
WorkCentre 5225/5230,
WorkCentre 7755/7765/7775,
VersaLink C600,
WorkCentre série 7200i,
WorkCentre 7425/7428/7435,
WorkCentre 7655/7665/7675,
Phaser™ 6700,
WorkCentre série 7800,
WorkCentre 4260,
WorkCentre 7970,
Phaser 7800,
ColorQube 8900,
WorkCentre 3655i,
WorkCentre 5945/5955,
WorkCentre série 5800i,
WorkCentre série 5800,
AltaLink® Série C8000,
WorkCentre 7970i,
WorkCentre 6655i,
VersaLink C505,
VersaLink B600/B610,
WorkCentre série 7800i,
AltaLink Série B8000,
WorkCentre 7220/7225
UPC Code095205829419
Capacidade 15,000 staples

Shipping Information
Length (packaged) in inches5 in12.6999 cm
Width (packaged) in inches3 in7.6199 cm
Height (packaged) in inches2 in5.0799 cm
Weight (packaged) in pounds1.3 lb.5896 kg