Cartucho de tóner magenta

Productos compatiblesWorkCentre™ 7328/7335/7345/7346,
WorkCentre Pro C2128/C2636/C3545,
CopyCentre™ C2128/C2636/C3545
UPC Code095205611779
Capacidad 16,0001

Información sobre modos de envío
Length (packaged) in inches14.5 in36.8299 cm
Width (packaged) in inches4.5 in11.4299 cm
Height (packaged) in inches3.5 in8.8899 cm
Weight (packaged) in pounds1.7 lb.7711 kg

1  Average standard pages based on ISO/IEC testing. The number of pages that customers will get for their own applications will depend on a variety of factors, with page coverage having the highest impact.