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Xerox® Print and Scan Experience App

Introducing print and scan experience application.


The Xerox® Print and Scan Experience App helps you access the printing and scanning functionalities of Xerox® printers via your laptops/desktops running on the Windows 10 OS.

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Your Challenges

Struggling to print and scan from your Windows 10 systems? Let us help you address this complexity with our Xerox® Print and Scan Experience App.

Key Challenges

  • Accessing print and scan functions of Xerox® printers in a Windows 10 environment
  • Installing the suitable Xerox® print and scan drivers
  • Configuring and accessing relevant printer settings to print as required
  • Printing PDFs directly
  • Saving scanned output in the format of your choice

How Xerox Can Help

Once installed on your Windows 10 systems, the application enables users to quickly install V4 print drivers to enable print and scan functionality for supported devices.

Below are the benefits you get to enjoy:

One-touch print setting

  • Conveniently access all printer settings — staple, paper tray, size, cover sheets
  • Quickly set all printer settings in a single click
  • Select a document type/style with just one touch
  • Relevant settings get automatically configured as per your print requirement

Quick and powerful scan functionality

  • Auto straightening feature adjusts the scanned copy
  • Auto-cropping
  • Automatically crops non-standard documents for proper scanning
  • Scan multiple receipts in a single scan, and automatically separate them into right sized scans
  • Save your scanned output either in JPG or in PDF format
  • Effortlessly copy and paste images from scans

Direct PDF printing*

  • No need to open a PDF file in Acrobat to configure the print setting
  • Submit the PDF to print directly with the required paper handling options

* Please check compatible products in the Owner Resources section.

Xerox® Workflow Central

Along with being able to print, scan, copy and fax, how about being able to:

  • Digitise handwritten notes and turn them into editable, shareable and actionable insights using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Convert paper and digital reading materials into audio files for easy listening, so you can always stay caught up.
  • Translate documents into a desired language in a timely manner.
  • Redact confidential information automatically and effectively based on your defined requirements.
  • Convert documents into workable, editable Microsoft Office formats with ease.

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Xerox V4 Print and Scan Platform Overview (PDF)