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VersaLink® C7000

Xerox® ConnectKey® technology enabled color printer

Reviews (56)
  • Color printer with support for Tabloid
  • Ideal for small to mid size workgroups with demanding print needs
  • Superior reliability and exceptional print quality
  • Handle even the most challenging print jobs on media sizes up to tabloid
Paper size
Up to
Up to
M-F, 8:00am - 8pm ET
Starting at
Estimated Retail Price
Standard functions
Print speed
Color: up to 35 ppm
Black: up to 35 ppm
Recommended monthly print volume
Up to 10,000 pages
Duty cycle
Up to 153,000 images/month
Maximum volume capacity expected in any one month. Not expected to be sustained on a regular basis.
Standard paper capacity
620 sheets
Two-sided output
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Horrible longevity stay away from this one

This printer worked great for 11 months before failing. First got message that I needed to order a yellow cartridge. I had printed 852 pages total on the machine mostly black type. All the other cartridges showed 75% plus full. I then got the message that the cartridge was empty after I printed a couple more test pages. I replaced the cartridge and it still said the cartridge was empty and the machine was now making a loud clicking like it was trying to turn something and it was stuck. After some research I saw that the toner feed auger can get plugged with toner and cause clicking. I removed and cleaned out the old toner out of the auger and did see some chunks fall out. I replaced all the parts and turned it on again it ran without clicking and again the cartridge said it was empty. I again replaced the cartridge with another and now the unit says to order another cartridge because toner low! It now prints but will not print any yellow. I will call tech support on Monday but don't expect much we will see. A commercial printer should last more that a few months before failing. This is entirely not acceptable.

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Thank you for taking the time to give a review of the Xerox VersaLink C7000. We appreciate your feedback. Your opinion is very valuable in helping us improve our products and design.
Great performance, but a little finicky

It is a great printer as long as you can deal with getting the setup just right. Printer properties at the computer must agree absolutely with settings on the device. That may sound reasonable. But it is a pain any time you want to set up a job that is not just printing to plain paper. Consumables are a bit expensive, so you might not want to us it for huge jobs. But the printer itself is a good workhorse, and doesn't complain about long jobs. Alignment tor double sided work is excellent, better than many previous printers I have had where this was never right. Alignment consistency for the duration of a job is also very good. This means that if you are doing work that will be precisely cut, this printer is on your side, rather than working against you. I use CorelDraw a lot, but have found it very difficult to get print settings right for printing directly to this printer. However, if I print to a pdf, then print the pdf, it works find, and I do not see loss of quality resulting from this. Annoying, but it is something I can deal with. Overall, no regrets buying this printer. In short, it is a printer that delivers great results, but whose setup is tricky.

All in one

This equipment is good, printing is high quality.

Great value

I'm a small architectural firm got tired of inkjets drying up and prints bleeding if i had to have them out in the rain. I was looking for a laser printer that could print 11x17 for a reasonable cost. the printer fits the bill. It's reliable, great quality prints, and you can't beat a laser. I've had it for about 3 years now, and use it on the light side. it's needed no outside maintenance. My one complaint is I wish I didn't have to doublecheck papersizes before printing with what's loaded in the tray (I didn't get the dual tray)- you've got to make sure you change the settings from what your default is if you switch paper in the tray.

Jeffrey 61
Class above the rest

After reading several reviews, one left me less than thrilled. But I went and purchased it anyways. It's fantastic. I give this the Siskel and Ebert's "Thumbs Up" award. The color and B&W quality is fine. The support is phenomenal. Easy to administer. A few quirkiness operations, but hey what printer is perfect. My only down side would be the cost of the toner for it. You will not be disappointed for investing in a Versalink printer.

A workhorse

This copier churns out quality product at a good clip. Sometimes it's working's can be a little counter-intuitive. It is a thirsty machine, calling for drinks of toner faster than expected. All in all though, the C7000 is a productive member of the office.


BLI Winter 2018 Pick Award Winner

Outstanding Tabloid Color Printer for Mid-Size Workgroups



Part # Description Price
VersaLink C7000 Single Function Color Printer 35ppm. Duplex, 520 Sheet Standard Tray, 1200X2400 dpi Led, Postscript, 2GB 5 Inch Touch Screen User Interface

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