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Phaser® 3330

Black-and-white printer

Reviews (34)
  • Black-and-white printer with support for Letter/Legal
  • Best for workteams of 1 to 10 users
  • Available extra high-capacity print cartridges reduce the total cost of ownership and demand less frequent replacement
  • Comes standard with internal Wi-Fi connectivity
Paper size
Up to
Up to
M-F, 8:00am - 8pm ET
Starting at
after $20 rebate
Print speed
up to 42 ppm
Two-sided output
Processor speed
1.0 GHz
Print memory (standard/max)
512 MB / 512 MB
10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi
Lousy for different size envelope printing

The Phaser 3330 is good for printing double sided paper. It is LOUSY for printing envelopes. The bypass tray (which by design allows one to place different sized papers and envelopes) REQUIRES that one SET the printer's menu to reflect the actual size currently in the bypass tray. Otherwise, the printer REFUSES to print it saying paper size MISMATCH (and there is no button to tell the printer, override and just print it). That means that, if one has different sized envelopes, for each change in envelope sizes, the user has to use the menus to reset the size (every time the size changes). Mind you, it is a BYPASS tray - not a fixed tray, a BYPASS tray. I am at a total loss to understand why XEROX (a company that is known for making printers and is supposed to be experts at making printers) FORCES users to stop what they are doing every time they change envelope sizes and reprogram the size on the menu. <- No, please don't respond by trying to justify why... because it is THAT BAD of a design. Just tell me which xerox home office black and white laser printer does double sided sheets and supports differing envelope sizes WITHOUT having to program the size in the menu.

Response from
Thank you for taking the time to give a review of the Xerox Phaser 3330 device. We appreciate your feedback with the issues of programming the Bypass Tray for envelopes. Your opinion is very valuable in helping us improve our products and design.
Phaser 3330

This machine is a piece of garbage and unfortunately, I purchased two. I bought the copier with the understanding that it had two paper trays. I need two trays since I print documents on two sizes of paper. It does not have two "trays". It has a slot where you can force feed a few sheets of paper at a time. The printer set up was impossible and required that I obtain in-person technical help at an additional fee. Fortunately, I saved the boxes. This garbage is being returned or going into the dumpster. Lesson learned. Lease a machine from a reputable business machine company that can set up the machine and service it, even if it is more expensive.

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Thank you for taking the time to give a review of the Xerox Phaser 3330. We appreciate your feedback. Your opinion is very valuable in helping us improve our products and design.
Great commercial printer at home consumer price

Reliable and fast as expected from laser printers. Decided to get this printer after wasting a lot of money on ink printers always clogging when I need them and always when I needed to print documents. Network capabilities on this printer meet the commercial expectation should you need to get this product integrated into your office network. For home use, no more clogs. I have owned this product for over a year and sometimes no prints for couple months and then I may need to print several dozen pages and does so without issue. No more ink prints for me as no matter what brand I've tested, I've always had ink clogging problems.

Not a satisfied user -

The cartridge for this machine is pretty costly and does not last long at all. The machine itself is not very user friendly.

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Thank you for taking the time to give a review of the Phaser 3330. We appreciate your feedback. Your opinion is very valuable in helping us improve our products and design.
This Printer is very fast and has some great features

Pros: The printer is lightning fast, you can print nearly 100 pages in around 2 minutes. The Ink doesn't smear, and the cartridges seem to last a long time There is lots of settings for more advanced needs, far beyond what I use for printing out pdf's and word docs Cons: Some trickiness to setting up the printer with your computer, software is a bit weird to find because of how many printers there are. Issues with cover pages are hard to resolve if you don't want a cover page. Sometimes certain softwares just do not work well with the printer but that might not be the printers fault. Warning and error messages are mostly useless, as the problem is usually something very simple as your printing in the wrong paper dimensions or the incorrect tray keeps auto selecting.

great office printer

Really enjoy this printer with great quality and features like printing on both sides. The toner lasts a long time which is better that the other printers I have bought that did not last very long. I would recommend.



Part # Description Price
Phaser 3330 Black And White Printer, Letter/Legal, Up T0 42ppm, 2-Sided Print USB/Ethernet/Wireless, 250-Sheet Tray, Optional 550-Sheet Tray, 110V
after $20 rebate
Phaser 3330 Black And White Printer, Letter/Legal, Up To 42ppm, 2-Sided Print, USB/Ethernet/Wireless, 250-Sheet Tray, Optional 550-Sheet Tray, 110V, Metered

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