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Xerox® B205 Multifunction Printer

Black-and-white multifunction printer

Reviews (36)
  • Black-and-white MFP with support for Letter/Legal
  • Copy, print, scan, email
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, unparalleled reliability, compact footprint, and ultra-quiet operation
  • Fast printing with crisp, clear text & graphics and the full array of mobile platform support
  • Best for workteams of 1 to 5 users
Paper size
Up to
Up to
M-F, 8:00am - 8pm ET
Starting at
Estimated Retail Price
Xerox B205 Multifunction Printer, Print/Copy/Scan, Up To 31 ppm, Letter/Legal, PS/PCL, USB/Ethernet And Wireless, 110V
Standard functions
Copy, Email, Print, Scan
Print speed
up to 31 ppm
Recommended monthly print volume
Up to 2,500 pages
Duty cycle
Up to 30,000 images/month
Maximum volume capacity expected in any one month. Not expected to be sustained on a regular basis.
Ethernet 10/100 Base TX (Embedded type), High-Speed USB 2.0, Wireless 802.11.b/g/n
Two-sided output


Introducing the Xerox® B205/B210/B215 Printers

Great printer

I have had 2 different printers in the past (Cannon, & Brother), but this Xerox by far is the best out of all 3. I'm sure that Cannon & Brother have quality printers, but this Xerox is great. It is super quick and ease of use is pretty quick. I would highly recommend this Product to others.

Works well once setup.

Must enable lan in menus to connect to network turned off by default. Needs a paper tray 2 but not an option Manual feeder is poor

Shameful waste of plastic and paper

Never works - either wireless or USB-wired. Environmentally the worst printer of all time - it prints a status sheet ever time it starts - the aim being to run the ink down faster to ensure replacement ink is purchased. In short - a very large volume of heavy, useless, plastic to sit next to a desk. Spent hours trying to get this printer to work with no luck.

This product has great features.

Excellent printer, copier and scanner.

Decent printer

For the price this is an OK printer but it doesn't stand out in any significant way. One significant deficiency, and this was my mistake in missing it, is that it does not provide automatic duplex print capability. Had I realized that I would have opted for another model which does. The wifi seems spotty and it sits within 8 feet of a router, Thus that capability is not useful for me and the print/copy functions are accessed by a USB connection. The print quality is about what one might expect from a laser printer but isn't any better than the six year old printer it replaced. In sum, it works and accomplishes basic tasks reliably, but if I had to do it again, I would opt for one of the more capable models.

A great printer once it is set up properly

I was hesitant to purchase the XEROX B205 due to the multitude of bad reviews, mostly involving the random sheets this thing spits out. But it seems Xerox has listened to customers and disabled the Banner Page by default. Overall, the printer works extremely well, and I recommend it. However, it takes a little customization to get it just right. Hopefully this review will save you some trouble. GETTING CONNECTED First, I connected it via ethernet (a CAT5 cable plugged directly into my router). The printer has built in Wifi, but I don’t want to use that. Getting it to work over ethernet is simple, but not clearly explained in the instructions, so it was the most frustrating part for me. Here’s how I did it: Connect the printer and router with your own CAT5 cable (not included). Press the System button on the printer, press OK, scroll to Machine Status, OK, scroll to Network, OK, scroll to Ethernet then OK, Enable, OK, reboot the machine. If the Ethernet option is not available, first enable “IPv4” in Network, reboot, then go back into the Network settings as written above and enable Ethernet. Basically, you have to tell the printer that it’s ok for it to use its own built in ethernet connection. It’s annoying, but that’s the only way to get it to work. Download the latest drivers package from the Xerox website, and you’ll be ready to print in minutes. TWEAKING SETTINGS Once that was completed, I used Netgear Genie to find my printer’s IP address on the router, and then logged into the printer settings through my web browser. Default login is “admin” and then the serial number (on the back of the printer) as your password. Once you log into you printer through a web browser, go to Services -> Printing. Disable “Device Start Up Page” and “Error Page” if you want to save paper. If it’s printing the Banner Page, this is where you disable that as well. You can also download the latest firmware from the Xerox website and update it through the Maintenance section. This is recommended. PRINTING DARKER By default, the printer prints too light. I went into the Printer Properties dialogue and set the graphics to High Resolution, the “Clear Text” to Maximum, and I bumped up the Contrast. Then save those settings because you have to manually select them every time you print (I haven’t figured out how to make my customizations the default). CLOSING THOUGHTS This is a great printer, it prints extremely fast, it warms up quickly, it scans and saves to USB, and the price is great. I haven’t tried printing from my cell phone yet, but that’s supposed to work seamlessly. This printer, however, is not a plug and play machine. Plan on taking 30-60 minutes getting it set up just the way you want it. If you’re willing to invest a little time into it, you can get a printer that comes with features that would normally cost over $300.



Part # Description Price
Xerox B205 Multifunction Printer, Print/Copy/Scan, Up To 31 ppm, Letter/Legal, PS/PCL, USB/Ethernet And Wireless, 110V

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