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Xerox® B205 Multifunction Printer

Black-and-white multifunction printer

Reviews (23)
  • Black-and-white MFP with support for Letter/Legal
  • Copy, print, scan, email
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, unparalleled reliability, compact footprint, and ultra-quiet operation
  • Fast printing with crisp, clear text & graphics and the full array of mobile platform support
  • Best for workteams of 1 to 5 users
Paper size
Up to
Up to
M-F, 8:00am - 8pm ET
Starting at
Estimated Retail Price
Xerox B205 Multifunction Printer, Print/Copy/Scan, Up To 31 ppm, Letter/Legal, PS/PCL, USB/Ethernet And Wireless, 110V
Standard functions
Copy, Email, Print, Scan
Print speed
up to 31 ppm
Recommended monthly print volume
Up to 2,500 pages
Duty cycle
Up to 30,000 images/month
Maximum volume capacity expected in any one month. Not expected to be sustained on a regular basis.
Ethernet 10/100 Base TX (Embedded type), High-Speed USB 2.0, Wireless 802.11.b/g/n
Two-sided output


Introducing the Xerox® B205/B210/B215 Printers

Endless problems from start to finish

On the basis that the product is only as good as the software that runs it, this printer is next to useless. The problems only begin with trying to get the machine configured. And what is clear is that I am not alone in finding this a thoroughly nightmarish experience, judging by other reviews. I fully understand that nothing is plug in and go these days, but equally most of us are not IT experts and expect simple instructions and an easy to follow set up process, for what is an everyday appliance to meet a domestic need. When I did eventually get the thing going (only after following assorted YouTube videos) it functioned only intermittently, before some error report popped up, or the whole thing had to be reconfigured with the wifi, as if once wasn't painful enough. What it is very good at doing is printing an unwanted 'configuration report' at every opportunity full of IT jargon of no use whatsoever to man or beast, before steadfastly refusing to operate, issuing another error report, and wasting more of one's valuable time trying to reconfigure the thing for the nth time. When will manufacturers realise that most of us would willingly sacrifice functionality for simplicity. I for one will be voting with my feet and buying a replacement printer elsewhere out of sheer frustration.

frustrating and disappointing

When it prints the quality is good the speed is normal. The issue lies with the fact I can't get it to print 9 out of 10 times and have yet to get the wireless feature to work at all. It is very frustrating.

Rio Grande
Too many wasted pages

I like the speed and quality of the printer, but what a waste of paper. Every time I go to print it shots out a Configuration Report before I print. I mean what up with that and whats more frustrating is that it doesn't allow you to stop it or opt out of it. I'm returning it and hopefully get my money back.

This product has too many information pages printed each time I print.

I would not recommend this printer because it prints too many printer information pages before everything I print. I have to constantly turn off the information pages before printing anything. This uses up copier paper and uses up ink. My understanding is that the laser ink tank for this printer costs about. $50.00 for a toner cartridge.

One frustrating challenge

Printer is compact, scans to a JPEG and prints quickly. It will work on both wifi and hard wired connection. The frustration is with the banner page printing. You have to disable it before each print job of the day. i have worked with Tech support and know how to disable banner printing but if i don't remember to do it before i start printing i was another piece of paper and ink. The disabling feature should last for more than one day.

Good for home office.

The printer is a good choice for a home office that does not do much printing. I wish it had dual side printing. My biggest complaint is the unit printing a cover page with each job. What a waste of paper and toner. No one in support seems to know how to disable that function.



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Xerox B205 Multifunction Printer, Print/Copy/Scan, Up To 31 ppm, Letter/Legal, PS/PCL, USB/Ethernet And Wireless, 110V

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