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Xerox® Secure Access Unified ID System

This product is no longer available.

You might like to consider Xerox Workplace Suite.


Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System integrates your Xerox multifunction systems with your existing employee/student ID PIN or badge providing a simple and convenient authentication system. Allow your staff, employees or students to send documents to a centralised print server. Then at any multifunction printer on the network they'll simply log in with a swipe of their magnetic, SMART, or proximity ID card or their PIN to securely print their job. This easy and secure access to documents reduces the risk of leaving confidential information lying unclaimed on the printer.

Secure Access is also IT-friendly as the automatic access card registration features allows new users to self-register their cards. The first time a new user swipes their card they will be prompted to link their card with Secure Access by entering their user account login. Once this is done, the card is associated with Secure Access and the user will have access to all associated multifunction printers.

Key Features

  • Card-based user identification allows users to login at the MFP with their pre-existing identification card
  • Double your security with our two-factor card-based identification option which adds a required pin/password login at the MFP
  • Follow-You Printing® allows print jobs to be securely retrieved at any Secure Access-enabled device
  • Additional Follow-You Printing flexibility with Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)-enabled devices include:
    • Users can choose the documents to be released or deleted from the print queue
    • Print and Save feature allows a user to release a pending print job, and retain for later reprint
    • Determine the number of copies desired
    • Obtain additional information about a pending print or fax job to help determine the user, when the job was sent, and what will be printed

      Learn more about EIP technology

  • One identification step now logs the user into the device for all walkup device and network features
  • Personalised scan templates and automated workflows are displayed at the device user interface based on the user's credentials. This feature is available with select scanning solutions such as ScanFlowStore

Your Challenges

In today's regulatory climate, businesses need sophisticated ways of safeguarding their data. In addition, IT managers are looking for ways to protect the assets on their network. Multifunction systems are a logical place to secure networks and enhance document information security.

Key Challenges

  • Trend towards increased security to protect all devices on the network
  • Network-connected MFPs are growing at a high rate
  • Increased network resources are necessary to handle improved MFP capabilities such as network scanning or scan to email
  • Governmental and regulatory policies
  • Rising document costs
  • Doing more with less – improving worker productivity
  • Trend towards printing forms on demand instead of warehousing potentially outdated material

How Xerox Can Help

Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System provides a secure, convenient, easy method to authenticate users at the Xerox MFP.

Benefits of Secure Access include:

  • Improved security
    • Two-factor identification (card swipe + pin/password)
    • Secure document release with Follow-You Printing®
    • Device is protected against unauthorized access for all MFP features
  • Convenience
    • Simplified login process
    • MFP single-sign-on (single login for all device features and other EIP applications such as ScanFlowStore)
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Automatic user management with active directory synchronization
    • Integrates with existing card and authentication infrastructure
  • Audit trail
    • Delivers end-user accountability for all MFP activity
    • Enables regulatory compliance for MFP related processes
  • Cost savings
    • Unretrieved print documents are deleted and banner sheets are no longer required

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Better customer service with one point of contact for hardware and/or software support
  • Easier purchase process – your Xerox representative will handle both your hardware and software needs
  • Easier and faster development of custom user interface software since the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform is based on web standards
  • More accounting flexibility because Xerox Secure Access integrates with any accounting solution in the Xerox portfolio.
  • Personalised scanning destinations when used in combination with a Xerox-exclusive scanning solution such as ScanFlowStore