FMAudit Viewer USB

This product is no longer available.


FMAudit Viewer USB allows you (channel partners, system integrators, and resellers) to perform a quick and easy snapshot, or Rapid Print Assessment, of the print, copy, fax, scan and colour devices on your customer's network. You can achieve this with limited network experience, without having to install any software, and with little or no customer IT support.

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Key Features

  • Rapid Assessment and Periodic Meter Reading Collection
  • For sales representatives and resellers, like you
  • Easy to use – just insert, launch, save, and remove
  • Unobtrusive – no need to install software on the customer's network
  • Strong ROI (return on investment)
  • Data retrieved includes:
    • Device location
    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Serial number
    • Description
    • Total pages
    • Volume
  • Produce multiple reports reports and/or export data back at your office with just one click
  • Direct import of pre-formatted data into Xerox Office Productivity Advisor (XOPA)
  • Channel partners, system integrators and resellers are for whom FMAudit Viewer is intended (this is not an end-customer solution)

Your Challenges

You waste too much time performing manual printer monitoring audits and meter readings of the devices your customers use. Plus, the audits are a disruption to the customer's network.

Key Challenges

  • Print quantity increasing
  • Print strategies evolve
  • Device data unknown (quantity, type, utilisation, costs)
  • Competition increasing
  • Product commoditising
  • Price erosion
  • Margin compression

How Xerox Can Help

Printer monitoring audits of network devices used to take days or weeks of effort, especially with large networks having thousands of devices. Now, with FMAudit Viewer USB they take you only minutes.

  • Migrate to Print Management
  • Achieve a competitive edge
  • Create value add and differentiation
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Create exit barriers
  • Increase revenue & profit
  • Identify and analyze current state
  • Recommend desired state
  • Implement and manage

Why Choose Xerox?

  • FMAudit technology is fully compatible with Xerox technology
  • Xerox customers get a complete and integrated solution on all levels
  • Xerox is the world's leading document management technology and services enterprise
  • Xerox's expertise and continuous innovation are internationally recognized
  • Xerox's team of professionals can assist customers in selecting the appropriate solutions that will meet their needs and help them become more efficient while reducing their overall print and document management associated costs