Ersättningskassetter tillr HP LaserJet M725 från Xerox

Trummor från Xerox till HP-skrivare


Artikelnummer: 006R03218

Svart tonerkassett. Motsvarar HP CF214A. Passar till HP LaserJet M712, LaserJet M725

Kapacitet: 10000

Pris: 1.178,00 kr

Pris inkl. moms: 1.472,50 kr

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Artikelnummer: 006R03219

Svart tonerkassett. Motsvarar HP CF214X. Passar till HP LaserJet M712, LaserJet M725

Kapacitet: 17500

Pris: 1.305,93 kr

Pris inkl. moms: 1.632,41 kr

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*Prices do not include any supplies, additional print charges or applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice. Products are available to business customers; subject to applicable terms and conditions. Xerox equipment and accessories have been produced in a factory from new parts and from reprocessed parts which meet the performance standards of new parts.