Ink is Low

One of the ink-loading bins is low. Check to see which color is low and load ink.

Caution: Use ink made for the Phaser 8560 Color Printer only. Use of ink made for other Xerox printers or the use of non-Xerox ink may result in permanent damage to the printhead and affect print quality.

To load ink:

  1. Remove paper from the output tray.

    Graphic illustrates this step.
  2. Open the top cover.

    Graphic illustrates this step.
  3. Locate the ink-loading bin that is almost empty. A label above each bin indicates the color and color number of that bin.

    Note: Each ink stick has a number that corresponds to the number on the ink-loading bin.
  4. Remove the ink stick from its packaging.
  5. Place the ink stick into the opening of the appropriate ink-loading bin. Each ink stick is uniquely shaped to fit into the correct ink-loading bin. Do not force the ink stick into the ink-loading bin.

    Graphic illustrates this step.
  6. Close the top cover.

    Graphic illustrates this step.

To order ink, contact your local reseller or go to the Phaser® 8560 Supplies and Accessories website.

Note: If the printer is out of cyan, magenta, or yellow ink, you can continue to print using only black ink for a limited time. Follow these instructions for your printer driver:

  1. Cancel the current printer job by pressing the Cancel button on the control panel.
  2. Set the driver to print in black and white.
  3. Send the print job to the printer.