Phaser 840

Phaser® 840: Troubleshooting print quality: ink smears from exit path
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If your prints have stray ink smears on the front or back of the prints, the paper exit path guides and exit fingers need cleaning.

  1. To clean the exit fingers, open the exit cover.
  2. Using a dry swab, gently wipe the top surface of the colored exit fingers to clean excess ink particles and drum fluid from each finger.

    To avoid damaging the print drum and exit fingers, never scrape excess ink with a tool or fingernail. Use a dry swab provided with the cleaning kit.

  3. To clean the two sets of ribbed exit guides, gently wipe the raised ribs using an alcohol-soaked wipe.
  4. Lift the lower guide to clean the ribs on it. Be careful not to break the sensor finger.
  5. Close the exit cover.
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