Phaser 780
Phaser® 780: Replacing an imaging unit
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The printer displays a message when you need to install a new Imaging Unit. You can continue printing without damaging the printer, but you may notice a reduction in print quality. You may also need to replace the imaging unit if your prints show a dark horizontal stripe, small random white spots, or diffuse bands across the width of the page.

To reduce the risk of electrostatic damage when replace the imaging unit, turn the printer off and remove the power cord.

  1. Open the front cover.

  2. Turn the two blue switches to the unlocked position, pull out and lift the blue handle to release the imaging unit.

  3. Handle the imaging unit only by its blue handle. The blue drum can be easily damaged by touch, and is very sensitive to light. Keep exposure to light at a minimum.

  4. Lift the new unit and align the arrows on top of the unit with the arrows on the guide rails. Slide the unit all the way in, then turn both of the blue switches to the locked position.

  5. Close the front cover, plug in the printer, and turn it back on.