Lock or Replace the Toner Cartridge

The toner cartridge for a color (cyan, magenta, yellow, or black) is not providing toner. Lock or replace the toner cartridge for the color specified on the control panel.

To lock or replace a toner cartridge:

  1. Use the latch on the front of the printer to open the top cover.

    Graphic illustrates this step.

  2. If the toner cartridge is not locked, move the lever to the right to lock the cartridge into the imaging unit.

    Graphic illustrates this step.

  3. If the cartridge is already locked, replace it with a new toner cartridge. See the installation instructions shipped with the new toner cartridge.

  4. Slowly close the top cover.

    Graphic illustrates this step.
    To order a toner cartridge, contact your local reseller or go to the Phaser ® 7400 Supplies and Accessories website.