Phaser 740

Phaser® 740: Cleaning the multi-purpose tray pick rollers
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If your printer is experiencing jams or mis-picks from the Multi-Purpose Tray, you'll need to clean its rollers.

  1. Adjust the Multi-purpose Tray guides to the widest possible setting.
  2. Wet the cleaning tray's foam pad with 90% pure isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Install the cleaning tray.
  4. Press Menu once then scroll to the Cleaning menu. Press Menu again and scroll to Select Tray. Press Menu, scroll to Multi-Purpose, and press Clean.
  5. The printer displays Selected while rotating the pick rollers several times to clean them. When cleaning is complete, remove the tray.


  • Use isopropyl alcohol that is at least 90% pure.
  • You can print the instructions for cleaning the Pick Rollers from the printer's front panel
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