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Printing and using the color sampler charts
You can print color sampler charts from your printer to see how the colors, as specified from within an application, will look when printed. Having a pre-printed sample of each color can help you save time in selecting the right color for your use.

The printer's color sampler files are available from a variety of sources, according to the following table:

Printing color sampler charts

Color Sampler Charts Accessing the charts
CMYK Sampler

Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black color model

Print from CD-ROM and Diskettes

See "Printing the Color Sampler Charts" on the CD-ROM.


Download from World Wide Web

Visit the Tektronix web site:

or use PhaserLink software to print sampler charts from your web browser.

RGB Sampler

Red, green, and blue color model

HSB Sampler

Hue, saturation, and brightness color model

PANTONE® Sampler

The PANTONE Color Lookup Table for the Phaser 560 printer

The color chart you print and use depends on how the application you are using selects color. Refer to the application's documentation for information on color selection, then print one or more of the color charts listed in the table below.

Color sampler chart files

Color sampler
Number of printed pages Macintosh file name PC file name
CMYK colors


CMYK Sampler


RGB colors


RGB Sampler


HSB colors


HSB Sampler




PANTONE® Phaser 560.ps

PANTONE® Phaser 560.pdf



The color sampler charts are made up of areas of color with each color's components listed below it. Each color sampler chart is several pages long; they are printed in panels that can be connected to form a wall chart or placed in a binder for easy reference.

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