Xerox Office - Telephone Support
1-800-835-6100 or (503)682-7377

Beginning January 1, 2002 customers who have a Xerox Office Product (with the exception of the DocuColor 2006) that is not under warranty or covered by a Xerox Service Agreement will be charged a $25.00 ($38.00 Canadian) per incident fee when calling into the Xerox Customer Support Center. Also, some Xerox Office Products will have web support only.

If you are currently a Xerox Service Agreement customer, you're already eligible for FREE telephone support. If not, please take the opportunity now to purchase a Xerox Service Agreement. With unlimited phone support as one of it's many benefits, it's the best way to keep your current Xerox Office Product running at peak performance.

To view your printer's Service Agreement or Warranty status go here.

For the United States:
DocuColor 2006
Serial Number starts with JX######
call: 1-800-835-6100
Serial Number starts with VF8######
call: 1-800-821-2797
How do I find my Serial Number?

To find out more about Xerox Service Agreements choose the following links:

To purchase a Xerox Service Agreement, please contact your local reseller at the telephone number listed at the top of the page.