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Print management solution to reduce costs, enhance security, and optimize device utilization.

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YSoft SafeQ Print Management Solution for Xerox Networked Printers and Multifunction Printers
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YSoft SafeQ is an intelligent print management solution that extends the standard functionality of multifunction printers and improves your organization's printing environment. YSoft SafeQ is a server-based application that enables you to monitor and control the entire print system. YSoft SafeQ tracks every print and copy – so you have a comprehensive overview of who is printing, what is printed, and which printers are used. And with YSoft SafeQ, you can get a wide variety of reports to analyze print operations, so you can optimize print resources to control costs and maximize convenience for users – and enabling your organization to reduce costs and achieve a return on investment (ROI) as high as 40%.
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Key Features

  • Control access and improve security
    • Prevent against unauthorized use of MFPs (multifunction printers)
    • Enable easy authorization, optimized for your organization's print environment: PIN, magnetic/smart card, username/password
    • Improve convenience and security with the Mobile Print feature which enables users to print their jobs at any printer in your organization – after they authenticate
  • Accurately monitor print, copy, and scan operations
    • Get a comprehensive overview of all operations performed on MFPs in a format that best suits your needs
    • Generate Green reports that track the savings to the environment – for example, savings in terms of reduced usage of water or timber, or lower CO2 levels
    • Use multilevel project accounting to control print costs by allocating and billing every printed or copied document to the respective client – a feature especially helpful for law firms and other project-based firms
  • Increase efficiency and convenience for users
    • Set rights for individual users, roles, and departments to control print costs and make sure printers are used with maximum economy and efficiency. Allocated rights determine whether print jobs are printed in B/W or color and simplex or duplex.
    • Send print jobs from any location: car, airport, restaurant, or home. Mobile Print is revolutionary – liberating printing from requiring a computer or a connection to a local network.
  • Manage scans
    • With one click, automatically send documents to your e-mail inbox or to a folder without having to search for or enter a name, address, etc.
    • Easily define advanced workflows
Most organizations have no idea what they spend on document creation or how their printers are being utilized. This makes it very challenging to optimize the print environment and identify opportunities for reducing costs. YSoft SafeQ offers proven solutions to monitor and manage the print environment so you can optimize printer usage and implement cost controls.

Key Challenges

  • Waste of resources through inefficient printing and copying
  • Security vulnerability due to sensitive, unclaimed prints
  • Loss of productivity through the use of complicated tools
  • Waste of natural resources caused by lack of copy and print management
  • Inability to accurately account, monitor, and report all operations made in your company's print environment
  • Absence of a central, Web-based console
Xerox and YSoft have a long history of working together to provide an abundance of print environment functions for all types of organizations – and to meet the specific needs and demands of each type of organization. The YSoft SafeQ intelligent print solution, in conjunction with Xerox printers, offers measurable enhancements to the security and productivity of print environments, along with lower costs.
  • Enhancement of security: With its strong security and access control tools, YSoft SafeQ protects your sensitive documents from unauthorized printing, copying, scanning and publishing outside of your organization.
  • Printing cost reduction: With YSoft SafeQ you can get immediate savings by reducing unnecessary prints and associated costs. The YSoft SafeQ reporting system allows you to analyze and create detailed reports for copy, print, and scan jobs by user, department or project across your entire organization. This enables you to define sets of rules that can restrict users' access to printer features such as color printing so that print resources are used more effectively and efficiently. Rules can also redirect or reject jobs based on account balances or desired device optimization.
  • Enhancement of productivity: YSoft SafeQ makes it easy and convenient for users to print, copy, and scan without having to wait in the queue.
  • Enhanced sustainability: YSoft SafeQ reduces unneeded prints and copies, reduces the total volume of printed pages, and improves the efficiency of the print environment. And Green reports provide users with information about how much they reduced the use of natural resources.
  • Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) integration through the SafeQ embedded terminal application
Xerox award-winning copiers, printers, and multifunction printers include flexible platforms that accommodate a wide variety of software solutions. Software functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.


  • LAN/WAN network (100MB+)

  • Dedicated server
    • Support for Windows®, UNIX® and Linux®
    • Citrix® and Windows® Terminal Services compatible
    • External MS SQL Database or embedded DB required

  • Client support:
    • Support for Windows, Netware, Linux, Macintosh workstation
    • Support of print from SAP, AS400 and other information systems

  • Recommended Active Directory or Novell eDirectory integration

  • Integration with the certified printers and MFPs

  • External (SafeQ Terminal) network device (or Embedded Application) for access control and follow-me

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