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Anytime, anywhere is the new normal for today's workforce – employees are digital and mobile, and they need content at their fingertips whether they are in the office, at home, or onsite with a customer. And more than ever, organizations need a simple and secure solution for incorporating hard-copy content into their document workflows. Whether dealing with contracts, or onboarding forms, acknowledgements, invoices or other content types, the benefits are substantial – increased security and compliance, repeatability and consistency, and improved throughput with less human intervention.

Enter Xerox ConnectKey for DocuShare: a highly productive, one-step scanning solution that is easy to set up and use, helping users seamlessly transition from paper to digital workflows.

Key Features

  • Convert paper documents to flexible digital content for easy integration with your organization's workflows
  • Create text-searchable PDF documents; enter properties as you scan to automate filing or processing
  • Perform one-button capture to DocuShare collections and Windows folders
  • Easily deploy scan buttons and scan workflows to Xerox multifunction printer (MFP) touchscreens, in a convenient hierarchy (for example, a Finance button with A/P and Purchase Order workflows)
  • Scan documents into pre-configured, automated workflows
  • Quickly install and then add new MFPs so users are up and running in a day
  • Use the Xerox MFP's built-in security and encryption, and corporate LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory for end-to-end content security
Paper-intensive work environments create a number of challenges, including high costs, errors, decreased productivity, lack of storage, difficulty with compliance, and lower customer satisfaction due to the time it takes to locate documents.

Key Challenges

  • Recent industry surveys tell us that organizations are burdened by more paper than ever, and many are struggling to find the best ways to manage and organize it.
  • Most offices don't have a direct link from their MFPs to the desired document repository, resulting in an error-prone, multi-step process which is time-consuming and costly.
  • Scanned documents are typically non-searchable PDFs, which makes it nearly impossible to find critical information when you need it most.
  • Employee productivity remains low if they are spending hours searching paper documents, costing your business more money.
  • Maintaining compliance is an unavoidable cost of doing business for many – more and more industries are faced with complying with government regulations that necessitate the easy retrieval of key information in a safe and secure fashion.
  • Maintaining the client base and generating new customers is important to any business, but delays in response times could greatly impact a customer's experience and loyalty.
  • Organizations are always looking for the best ways to take a step forward with their sustainability initiatives – and keeping a paper-intense office environment will cost your business money on paper, ink, toner, energy, transportation, storage, and postage.
Integrating MFPs with an enterprise content management (ECM) system is an easy way to save your organization money. MFPs can help automate tedious office activities by enabling employees to scan documents directly into an ECM workflow that routes the document automatically to specific departments or colleagues.

Why Choose Xerox?

With Xerox ConnectKey for DocuShare you can:
  • Perform one-button capture to DocuShare collections and Windows folders
  • Create text-searchable PDF documents with meaningful filenames and properties, for easy retrieval or workflow processing
  • Reduce IT burden, as business-level administrators can set up scan workflows
  • Easily deploy scan buttons to MFP touch screens, and quickly add new MFPs so users are up and running
  • Increase accuracy and reduce errors, as indexing data can be presented as menu selections
The smart way to get more work done
To add business intelligence to scanning, while protecting security, ConnectKey lets you:
  • Enter properties as you scan to automate filing or processing
  • Auto-create new collections on the fly (such as invoice number or customer name)
  • Customize a library of scan workflows on the MFP, organized in a convenient template hierarchy
  • Scan documents into pre-configured workflows, saving time and building efficiency
  • Login-protect scan buttons
  • Leverage LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory
  • Use the Xerox MFP's built-in security and encryption
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