Print Audit 6 Print Audit Software for Print Analysis and Cost Control

Print Audit 6

Total print management solution

Print Audit 6 is a comprehensive print management solution that uses client-based tracking to analyze, reduce and recover costs associated with printing and plotting. The program can track printing to all networked, local and direct to IP printers.
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Trial all three components of Print Audit 6 (Analysis, Reduction, and Recovery), which can be purchased individually or as a suite.
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Key Features

  • Easy enterprise wide installation to any number of machines
  • Tracks 100% of printing, including local, networked, USB and direct to IP
  • Bullet-proof security that cannot be overridden
  • Support for SQL or Access back-ends
  • Client-based architecture for low network overhead
  • Does not require a print server
  • Easy and secure configuration from any workstation
  • Network integration with Windows NT, Active Directory and Novell Directory Services
  • Installation wizard

Product Awards


Xerox office technology devices and solutions have won numerous awards from third party vendors such as BLI, Frost and Sullivan, and Better Buys for Business. This video highlights those awards as well as our placement as a leader in the IDC MarketScape 2014-2015 Smart MFP report, the third time Xerox has achieved this position.
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Buyer's Lab (BLI)

BLI named Xerox's line of document imaging solutions, including Print Audit 6, their Winter 2015 Pick for 2015 Document Imaging Solutions Line of the Year. "For the second year in a row, the broad range of solutions Xerox makes available to its customers helped propel it to the front of the pack among imaging OEMs according to our judging criteria."
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Winter 2015
Most organizations underestimate their printing needs and expenses by as much as 50%.

Key Challenges

  • Without a print management solution, most companies find their printing costs are running out of control
  • In a typical enterprise, printing and document production expenses are the third highest after payroll and rent
  • Professional services firms typically calculate how much to charge for out-of-pocket expenses by manually tracking print volumes. Case studies show that up to 80% of billable prints/plots are missed using this method
Print Audit 6 is a comprehensive, client-based tracking solution that is used to analyze, reduce and recover costs associated with printing and plotting. The program can track printing to all networked, local and direct to IP printers.
  • Cost Analysis
    • Learn who is printing what and where.
    • Relocate printers based on analysis and ensure that the most efficient printers are being used the most.
    • Produce reports that can help identify equipment inefficiencies and bottlenecks.
  • Cost Reduction
    • Redirects costly print jobs to more economical devices.
    • Create cost and eco-conscious users by informing users of job costs and environmental impact before they print.
    • Control color costs by limiting color usage by the user, printer, number of pages and more.
  • Cost Recovery
    • Optional job code validation through a user-friendly popup window.
    • PIN codes and declining balances for charging users
    • Automates every step of the charge-back process

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Real-time monitoring of print activity of your entire enterprise when Xerox and Print Audit are paired together
  • Ongoing review of your print activity and usage trends allows for informed decisions regarding equipment placement or purchase
  • The most cost efficient Xerox device will be used, rather than high cost local inkjet or laser printers
  • Supports Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
  • Minimum requirements Pentium or equivalent 386 or above
  • TCP/IP networking
  • Support for Access and SQL database back ends
  • 3 MB of free space on the workstation