Small Business Case Studies

Xerox understands each customer is unique. With our customers in mind, we created solutions to fit different business needs. At Xerox, we want to save your business time, money and offer solutions that integrate seamlessly into your company's current environment. Learn more about how Xerox products assisted different businesses by introducing color and cost saving solutions.

Case Studies

Put Color on the Menu to Grow Your Small Business

After realizing that the marketing materials produced by their black-and-white HP laser jet printer failed to entice customers with mouth-watering images, the Catering Co. investigated color printers and selected Xerox's Phaser solid ink printer. This printer would not only allow us to infuse our documents with vivid color, but would also save the company time and money with fast print speeds, the ability to take on more advanced jobs such as personalized menus, brochures and event portfolios in-house, and easy installation and maintenance.

Xerox Phaser 7800 Brings Creativity to Life for NORTH Brand Agency

NORTH, a Portland, Oregon based brand agency, needs to focus on bringing creative concepts to its clients, not the technical accuracy of its printer. The Xerox Phaser 7800 is packaged with color quality tools and is an integral part of NORTH's design and production workflow for print and outdoor advertisements, point-of-purchase materials and packaging.


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