Berlin Law Firm Makes the Case for Affordable Color

Berlin Law Firm Makes the Case for Affordable Color

By Philip Berlin, attorney & mediator, The Berlin Law Firm
Whether competing in the courtroom or winning new business, smaller firms are always on the lookout for tangible ways to level the playing field against larger law firms. At Berlin Law Firm, we’ve seen firsthand how implementing new technologies can give us a competitive edge.

Our firm represents companies large and small in matters of employment and business litigation, including sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. Documents such as case notes, legal briefs and pre-trial motions are at the center of understanding and developing a winning legal strategy for our clients. In fact, for one case alone our office can go through more than three boxes of paper.

After taking a good look at our current printing and document workflow set-up, we realized that a more reliable networked device would allow us to maximize the analysis time for each case, print more in-house and spend our additional time attracting new clients.

Testifying To The Right Technology

After seeing a print sample from Xerox’s Phaser 8860MFP color multifunction printer and learning more about its affordable color pricing model, we knew we had found the right productivity tool for our office. Not only did the Phaser offer color prints at the same price as identical black and white prints – something we did not know was ever an option before – but the print quality rivaled what we had only seen from commercial printers.

As a small business, affordable color printing is important to not only highlight important information within litigation documents, but to print our marketing brochures and materials in-house – saving us both time and money. When comparing the cost of the device and the ink, printing on the Phaser 8860MFP is half as expensive as using equivalent laser devices from other manufacturers. And with Xerox's cartridge-free solid ink technology, the ink sticks, which are simply dropped into the color-coordinated ink trays, require minimal packaging and generate 90 percent less waste than comparable laser products.

The Phaser 8860MFP is perfect for our document-intensive workplace, having been designed for small to mid-sized offices and workgroups that print up to 10,000 pages per month. And with speeds as fast as 30 pages per minute, it is a workhorse that allows our busy office to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Our attorneys and paralegals can scan while printing or receiving an inbound fax, and can easily interrupt a print job to make a copy – saving them valuable time to focus on their caseload.

The Ruling Is In About Solid Ink

Working within a small office space, we appreciate the compact size of the device and that limited storage space is required for our supply of extra solid ink stick boxes. With easy to replace consumables, our office has experienced increased efficiency over dealing with old, messy toner cartridge replacements. The printer management software also makes it easy for us to order and manage supplies, so we’re one step ahead.

While it’s still too soon to determine the long-term cost savings, the Phaser 8860MFP has increased our business productivity with functions such as integrated scanning, which allows less time spent worrying about when to use color printing/copying, and more time saved with easy to load color ink sticks. We’re now able to spend even more time developing winning legal strategies for our clients, as we spend less time managing our document workflow and searching for information in a sea of black-and-white legal files.

The Phaser 8860MFP has revamped Berlin Law Firm’s marketing efforts. Adding color to our marketing materials has allowed us to present a more professional and compelling presentation to prospective clients and we’ve seen strong growth in our client roster as a result.

After seeing the proof of solid ink in our office, Berlin Law Firm’s verdict on the Phaser 8860 is positive. Our investment in solid ink technology has given us the competitive advantage we need to compete and win against larger firms in the courtroom and in new business efforts.