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Boss's Day Cards

Opportunity knocks on October 16th - Boss's Day. Show your appreciation by printing out one of these cards and slipping it in with the daily workload.

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Leading us to the top
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Never leaving us hanging
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Coffee cup
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Gee, you're great
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The greatest boss
  1. Select the card template of your choice and choose Save Link As (or Save Target As) to download it.
  2. Open the PDF file (download free Adobe Acrobat Reader first, if necessary).
  3. Select the appropriate paper (see media dimensions information below).
  4. Select "Manual Feed" or "Multi-Purpose Tray" from the print driver.
  5. Load the media according to the instructions stated in your printer manual.
  6. A good rule of thumb: Experiment with plain paper first.
  7. Print and enjoy!
Media Dimensions for Boss's Day Cards

Note Cards

  • A-size (U.S.): use 5.5" x 4.25" note cards (2 per sheet); envelopes may be included.
  • A4-size (Europe): perforated note card stock may not be available; try our Phaser Premium Cover Paper and cut manually. Again, be sure to consult your printer manual for appropriate paper weights.

Note: These PDF files may be customized and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program. However, to save PDF files with changes, you will need the enhanced version of Adobe Acrobat Exchange, which is not free.

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