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Competitive Edge

  • At up to 36 ppm, the Phaser 4500 is the fastest printer in its class
  • With a powerful 400 MHz processor, the Phaser 4500, gives you a 20% performance advantage over the competition
  • Benchmark print quality at True 1200 dpi, with crisp text, beautifully detailed images and excellent half tone images
  • The Phaser 4500 offers true Adobe PostScript 3 versus emulations offered by the competition
  • Clean-sheet engine design with a shorter paper path reduces the weight of the machine, increases first page out time by 23%, and ensures even the most complex jobs print reliably every time
  • Industry leading paper input and output capacity on the base configuration
  • Unsurpassed range of media handling from all trays including duplex
  • Proven reliability is backed by a 1-year warranty and the unmatched Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Features that Save Time

  • Walk-up Installer allows you to go to the printer, touch a button, and let it install itself. Printer Beacon feature let's you install the printer on the Network without even knowing the printer's IP Address.
  • Intuitive print driver displays print options from all trays and applications
  • Enhanced PrintingScout™ provides instant, on-screen instructions when the printer needs attention throughout the entire print job
  • PhaserSMART™ provides online troubleshooting to get you back to work fast
  • Job Completion Notification, lets you know at your workstation when the job has been printed
  • Smart Trays that know what paper size and type are loaded and automatically match the requirements of the print job
  • Consumable Status provided at both the driver and the configuration pages so you never run out
  • Custom Size paper handling with the ability to save pre-defined types so users don't have to re-enter the size information when using the custom media again
  • High capacity toner cartridge option is more economical and requires less user intervention

Features that give you more value

  • Even at 1200 dpi, the printer delivers at up to 36 ppm, giving you crisp text and beautifully detailed images.
  • With a powerful 400 MHz processor, the Phaser 4500, races through long or multi-set print jobs
  • Less than 8 seconds for the first-page-out time means your job will be waiting for you
  • Two paper trays standard in the base configuration with a 700 sheet capacity
  • Flexible media handling supports envelopes, labels or cardstock from any tray
  • Edge to Edge printing and superb print quality on half tone images
  • Mac friendly printer with Apple Rendezvous Support and Mac Font Management
  • Built-in networking feature (only on Networked versions)

Features that Simplify Printing

  • Smart Tray Selection allows you to confirm that the correct paper is loaded in the printer before sending the job
  • Separation pages allows you to separate print jobs with blank sheets, making it easier to see where one job ends and the next begins
  • Job Pipelining allows the printer to process multiple jobs at the same time
  • Watermarks provide the ability to print text, such as "Draft" or "Confidential," in the background of every page of a document
  • Booklet Printing reduces the size of each page by 50% and prints two pages per sheet. It prints the pages in the correct order so the document can be folded and stapled to form a booklet
  • N-Up Printing enables printing of more than one page on a single sheet. One-up, two-up, or as many as 16-up printing on the same page. This environmentally friendly feature decreases the consumption of paper and toner
  • Cover Sheets allows you to feed the first page of the document from a different media tray
  • AutoFit automatically scales a page to best fit the sheet size of the media in the designated input tray
  • Auto 2-sided printing allows you to print on both sides of the paper without reloading sheets
Software Solutions - Phaser 4500
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With digital documents, you can easily create, search, re-use, and build upon your documents. Maximize your hardware investments with innovative software solutions from Xerox and Xerox Business Partners:
  • Contain costs
  • Share knowledge
  • Accelerate workflow
  • Integrate paper and electronic documents
  • Manage and distribute documents effectively
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